Blue Moment / ブルーモーメント

A genius meteorologist saves people from natural disasters!
Kiyohara is a researcher with the Japan Meteorological Agency Meteorological Research Institute. With his trademark good looks and refreshing smile, he even makes appearances on the weather program. However, there is another side to Kiyohara, one that you wouldn’t imagine from his outward appearance… He is fighting hard as a member of SDM (Special Disaster Management) to save people from natural disasters caused by the weather. With the abundance of such disasters in recent years, SDM was established as a team under the direct authority of the Cabinet Office with the goal of preventing the expansion of human losses that can result from a slow response. Their leader, Kiyohara, is a genius at meteorology. He is able to use his natural intelligence and his sense of the raw weather on the ground to analyze vast quantities of weather data from a multitude of angles. Even in tense situations where lives are at stake, he is able to stay one step ahead of things. However, his sharp tongue can sometimes earn him the enmity of those around him… Even so, Kiyohara’s passion for saving lives and his diligence eventually win over his teammates, and he builds the ultimate SDM team with those who sympathize with him. But there is also a mystery Kiyohara has been pursuing all this time… He was driven to save people using meteorology because of the death of the one he loved most. Therein lies the story’s greatest mystery, and it will be unveiled over the course of the series!

366 Days / 366日

An original love story inspired by HY’s hit song “366 Days” is born!
After reuniting with the one she loved, and going out with him after twelve years, all seems well until an unforeseen tragedy strikes…
Asuka Yukihira is a twenty-eight-year-old receptionist at a music school. Her old high school is about to close its doors, and she decides to go there for a class reunion. As she visits the familiar halls, excitedly conversing with old classmates, she is reunited with her high school crush, Haruto Mizuno. She had resolved to reveal her feelings to Haruto on graduation day, but mutual misunderstandings kept her from doing so, and they parted with the words left unsaid… Ever since then, Asuka has thought of it as “the love that I can never forget.” In the excitement of the class reunion, the pair exchange contact information. As they talk, they discover that the feelings they had for one another back in high school were mutual. Having realized their past misunderstandings, they confess their true feelings and begin dating, twelve years after the first time they met back in their second year of high school. With the blessings of their classmates, Asuka is as happy as she’s ever been, until one day when Haruto meets with an unforeseen tragedy. He is left unconscious and in critical condition. Asuka believed her happiness with Haruto would go on forever, but now what will become of the romance they had rekindled after twelve years…? As she stays by the unconscious Haruto’s side, Asuka recalls forgotten memories of the times she spent with Haruto and her classmates all those years ago…

Re: Revenge-In the End of Desire- / Re: リベンジ 欲望の果てに

A power struggle at a major hospital causes a variety of incidents, and with the cast’s ambition and desire for revenge thrown into the mix, the hidden desires of humanity are laid bare in this revenge suspense series.
Kaito Tendo, the son of the chairman of one of Japan’s largest hospitals, Tendo Memorial Hospital, chose not to pursue a career in medicine due to differences with his father, and instead works as a reporter for a weekly publication. He spends his days swamped with work, but his romantic life has been going smoothly, and he has been getting ready to propose to his beloved. However, just before the time comes for his proposal, Kaito hears that his father has been caught up in an incident, and so he heads to Tendo Memorial Hospital, a place which he had drifted away from. Having learned his father’s true intentions as a result of the incident, Kaito recalls an important promise he made with his father in the past. However, many problems lay hidden at Tendo Memorial Hospital, which his father left to him. A power struggle is about to break out over who will be chairperson. In order to reclaim what his father built from the mass of “desire” that has devoured Tendo Memorial Hospital, and to protect the one that he loves, Kaito resolves to fight against the power struggles at this giant hospital, but…

yips / イップス

The undynamic duo of mystery author who can no longer write and an elite police detective who can no longer solve crack the case with witty dialogue and banter in this mystery comedy!
The protagonists of this series are mystery writer Miko Kuroba and police detective Tohru Morino of the First Investigation Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Miko has written best seller after best seller ever since her debut, finding her place among popular authors, but she currently finds herself with writer’s block. Now she spends as much time working on her side job as a commentator on variety programs as she does writing. As for Morino, his arrest rate has fallen off ever since a certain event, and he can no longer solve crimes. They both have a case of the yips, where things that they could do effortlessly before have suddenly become impossible for them because of pressure. The two of them meet by chance at a sauna facility which they visit to get away from work. Once they encounter a murder, the two buddy up in no time. Miko is fascinated by the case, thinking about how it will give her material for her next novel, and how she’s never seen a dead body before. In contrast, Morino is less enthusiastic, but he displays sharp powers of observation as a police detective, and together the two get closer to the truth. Their investigation gives them a lead on the culprit, but as they try to close in on their suspect, Morino’s yips strike… They’re a mystery author who can’t write, and an elite police detective who can’t solve. This undynamic duo with the yips help each other as they struggle to get a fresh start in this painfully funny mystery comedy!

The Gift of Your Heart / 君が心をくれたから

Ame(Rain) and Taiyo(Sun), two people with opposite names, face a ”severe miracle” in the purest love story of this winter!
The main character, Ame Aihara, has been unable to open her heart to others because of her sad past and lack of self-confidence. However, one day after returning to her hometown in Nagasaki, she is reunited with Taiyo Asano, the only man with whom she had a heart-to-heart communication in the past, and whom she still cannot forget to this day. However, her joy at the reunion was short-lived, as he was involved in an accident. A man who claims to be a “guide” from the other world appears before the sorrowful Ame and says, ”If you give me your heart, I will perform a miracle for you”. However, the condition of “offering her heart” was too severe for Ame…. What is the meaning of the “heart” that Ame is deprived of in exchange for the “miracle”? And what will happen to them as a result of the “miracle” that the guide performs?

Marriage Hunter / 婚活1000本ノック

I want to get married! Then my ex-boyfriend came back as a ghost! A bizarre story where the two of them are about to embark on a wild adventure of marriage hunting!
Ayako Minami, 32 years old, is a single novelist who has not had a boyfriend for several years. One day after returning from her hometown in Nagoya, the intercom rings and it’s Yamada, the asshole who ran away from her.
Yamada, who insist he is a ghost, had been stabbed in the chest by a woman he had played with, and had really died. He said that if he does not fulfill the promise he made to someone before he died and has not been fulfilled, he will not be able to enter into nirvana. This promise came about when Yamada and I had our first date and I said to him, “When I get a boyfriend, I want to go to a hot spring together” and where he replied he will be her boyfriend. He told me that he would support my desire to go on a hot spring vacation with my boyfriend within a year with a marriage activity advisor, but she refused the offer flatly, thinking that such a ridiculous idea was unthinkable.
However, at the end of February, when Ayako went out for dinner with her colleagues, Yuko, the accountant, told me, “It is considerably more embarrassing than you think to be a woman who is over 30 years old and has no man in her life. You are not recognized for your worth as a woman, and you will never meet a good man.” She was so frustrated and sad, but by the time she arrived home, her tears had dried up and a decision had been made in my heart. When she entered my room, she told Yamada, who was there as a matter of course, “I’ll do it, marriage hunting.” Thus began a year of marriage activity between me and a ghostly asshole…!

Hospital Police Force / 院内警察

Former skilled detective vs. genius surgeon! A unique new hybrid drama!
The story takes place at Asukure General Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Japan. Asukure General Hospital has an “in-house police box,” which is still not common in Japan, to protect the security of the hospital. The man who works there, Osamu Murai, is the only young in-house detective who is not a retired police officer. He is the only one who is not a retired police officer, and he is working as a young in-house detective. Kyoko Kawamoto, who was hired as a clerical staff of the in-house police, is annoyed by this unpopular man who causes various troubles at the hospital with his blunt and careless manner. One day, Shunsuke Sakakibara, a young surgical genius, returns from overseas. And for some reason, he is obsessively clinging to Sakakibara. It seems that he has a special connection with Sakakibara…? A detective and a doctor. When their incompatible beliefs intersect, a story of life at the scene of the crime begins to unfold, exposing the “darkness” and ”sickness” that lurks in people…

OOKU -The Palace- / 大奥

The main character is forced into a loveless political marriage!
The most beautiful and sad love story in the history of ”Ooku” is born, with ”love” as its theme!
It was the middle of the Edo period (1603-1867), the economy was in the midst of a downturn, and the people of Japan were forced to live a life of frugality, thrift, and hard work. The disparity between the people of Japan and those of other countries is widening, and the people are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Shogun who will improve the economy and make the country and its people wealthy. Under such circumstances, Rinko was forced to enter into a political marriage with the 10th shogun, Ieharu Tokugawa, and traveled from Kyoto to the Ooku, the inner palace behind the Honmaru of Edo Castle, where she found nearly 1,000 women serving the shogun. The fierce battle to win the favor of a single Shogun was about to begin. Meanwhile, someone is plotting to plunge the inner chambers and the Edo shogunate into a whirlpool of confusion.

Who cares? / おっさんのパンツがなんだっていいじゃないか!

A human comedy where a strait-laced father update himself!

The protagonist of this drama is a middle-aged man, Makoto Okita (Taizo Harada), who is set in his old-fashioned and prejudicial views. His children resent how inflexible he is, while his coworkers avoid him due to how tactless he can be. Even his wife Mika (Yasuko Tomita) seems to have given up on him lately…
And yet, in his own way, Makoto has always followed the path he believes in—the one which he thinks is “the only right answer.”
One day, a chance for change arrives. When Makoto’s high-school aged son, Kakeru (Kairi Jo), who became a shut-in three months ago, brings a friend over to the house and Makoto finds out this friend is gay, he reflexively rejects him. What Kakeru says in response shocks his father:
“I never want to be like you!”
Makoto has endured the packed train to go to work every day for his family, and yet…now that his son has outright rejected him, he gets depressed. He never chose to be the way he is.
But then, his son’s friend, Taichi (Souta Nakajima), makes him with an offer:
“Why don’t we be friends?”
When this prejudiced old guy who’s just over fifty makes a gay friend who is much younger than him, everything he thought was “common sense” is about to get an update! This is the start of Makoto’s struggle for the sake of his family, and for all the people he loves!

Ya Boy Kongming! / パリピ孔明

Here comes a hero from the Three Kingdoms Period!
The most heart-beating music comedy series that makes us “feel the power of music” begins!

The famous military strategist during the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhuge Kongming, who gets reincarnated into the modern-day Shibuya in his youthful appearance, becomes the “strategist” for an aspiring girl singer and leads her to success.
Beyond time and place, in the modern Japan, in order to make one girl’s dream come true, and to realize a peaceful world with music, Kongming breathes fresh air into the Japan’s music industry by using his brilliant brain.

My Beloved Flower / いちばんすきな花

The ”silent” team, which created a social phenomenon last year, is back!
Can friendship be established between a man and a woman?
What is the difference between ”friendship” and ”love” and what is the same?

A woman and a man who have lost someone precious to them through their relationships with their male and female friends. And a woman and a man who have feelings for each other as the opposite sex.
The four gorgeous actors carefully and amusingly depict ”love” and ”friendship” and the indescribable ”feelings”, which are spun out by the four characters and the people around them. Watch the complex triangular relationship and a quadrilateral relationship on this romantic love comedy that will make you laugh out loud and cry a little!

ONE DAY〜It’s Wonderful Christmas Ado〜 / ONE DAY~聖夜のから騒ぎ~

A story of mystery, love and miracles on one day that takes place over the course of a single broadcast season. Follow 3 people as they spend their holy night in their own way!

Christmas Eve —the most romantic and special day that everyone is excited about. Lovers snuggling up to each other, children looking forward to Santa coming, and people who run to the promised places believing their reunions…
The protagonists are three totally unrelated people who have led different lives. The stories about each of them unfold in parallel, but gradually cross paths as if guided by destiny. What will be laid out before their eyes when the holy night ends and the clock points to midnight once more?

My Lawyer is Not So Easy / うちの弁護士は手がかかる

A super-competent former talent manager and a super-genius fresh lawyer?!
A new legal drama about the unlikely duo joining forces to solve cases!

A talent manager one day out of the blue gets fired by an actress whom he has devoted his life to. Devastated, the man begins a new chapter in his life as a paralegal and ends up making an elite but socially awkward novice lawyer into “the star of the court”. In this legal drama, the two enhance each other and gradually grow to become the best duo. Watch it on Fuji TV’s Friday 9 o’clock slot, which has been reborn after 50 years!

Seasoned Connections / あたりのキッチン!

A story following the growth of a college student Kiyomi Atari who has “perfect palate”, an ability to detect exact ingredients and even seasonings!

Kiyomi Atari is a university student who is extremely socially awkward. To improve her communi
A story following the growth of a college student Kiyomi Atari who has “perfect palate”, an ability to detect exact ingredients and even seasonings!
Kiyomi Atari is a university student who is extremely socially awkward. To improve her communication skills in preparation for job hunting, she calls a restaurant to apply for a part-time job but only to get stuck in communicating and hang up the phone herself.
Kiyomi lost her mother when she was born, and her father passed away when she was 5. Afterwards, she has been raised by her aunt and aunt’s husband. She has been living alone since entering the university, now decides to start a part-time job to change herself for future job hunting, making efforts without receiving allowance. However, Akemi, her aunt, is worried that “how can she work even though she can’t look others in the eyes?”
As struggling to find a part-time job, she has been forced to live frugally. One day when passing by a small Japanese diner near the university, she gets unconsciously attracted.
“This smell is sake, soy sauce and garlic…”
The appetizing smell drifting from the diner “A-un” pulls her inside without her knowing it.
While an owner of the restaurant Zenjiro looks at Kiyomi getting upset due to her lack of communication skills, she clumsily but managed to order a ginger-fried pork.
She takes a bite of the food, then saying “1 tablespoon of sake and soy sauce, a clove of garlic and ginger, and 1 teaspoon of ketchup. The secret ingredient … is honey!” She figures out its recipe even secret ingredient, which makes Zenjiro astonished.
Coincidentally, A-un is in need of a new staff member, Kiyomi gets hired by leaps and bounds.
Her life starts to move forward in the wake of the encounter with A-un.
How will Kiyomi grow through communication by cooking?
Offering hospitality with her “perfect palate” and thoughtfulness. Bon Appetit! Her meals will go above and beyond your order.

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