Tsutomu Koshobu, a genius, and a character who is always based around the idea of logic, and Kaede Shirokuma, an honest and emotionally driven former detective are the main characters. As members of the Fair Trade Commission’s sixth examination division (aka. ‘Dairoku’), they crack down on violations of the Anti-Monopoly Law and keep a watchful eye on economic activities to protect a free and fair competition in the market. They expose the hidden facts about companies that engage in bid-rigging, cartels, and other forms of corruption…

TEPPACHI! / テッパチ

The protagonist Hiroshi Kokusho was an ace rugby player in his high school days attracting national attention, but his forceful play led to an injury. Condemned by his teammates and becoming isolated, he retires. After graduation, he lives on his own but fails to get a regular job, living a dizzying, carefree, day-to-day life.

One day, after getting involved in a fight leads to the point of getting the police involved, he is fired from his job at a construction site and is evicted from the apartment he lives in for nonpayment of rent, leaving him at complete loss. Then a man comes to him and says, “let me introduce a job that’s perfect for you!”

“A dormitory and three meals included! So perfect for your physical strength which you are so proud of!” The job is in fact at a “Ground Self-Defense Force” which protects the peace and security of the country…

Love You Just as You Are / 個人差あります

One day, your husband transforms into a woman…?

This drama explores the many differences of life, love and relationships can change in a world where peoples bodies can spontaneously alter sex!


Akira is a 30-year-old salaryman married to novelist Sonoko. After five years of marriage things between them have cooled and now they barely speak.

One evening Akira is suddenly struck with an unbearable headache and, after being taken to the hospital, is told his illness is life-threatening. At the same time, a strange change starts to take over Akira’s body. The Akira who walks out of the operating theater has transformed into a woman!

It turns out Akira has a rare medical condition known as “Sex Altering Syndrome” which can cause a sudden change in biological sex among humans. After receiving this diagnosis, Akira receives a “Altered Sex Certificate” and begins life as a man inside a female body.

Learning to use makeup, wearing a bra, Akira faces a steep learning curve in his first days living as a woman. After returning to work a few days later he encounters even more troubles. A client of his jokes that he can “touch boobs as much as he wants”, he’s even groped in an elevator, Akira begins to understand the daily struggles of life for women. Akira begins seeing the clear differences between perspectives of men and women after his transformation. Not only that, but for some reason he’s started feeling flustered around his helpful boss, is the transformation having more effect on him than he’d thought?

What awaits Akira now, as he begins to question what his real identity is?!

Love Dissonance / 純愛ディソナンス

The story takes place in a certain high school. Masaki Nitta arrives as a new music teacher, but the school is greatly disturbed by the disappearance of the previous teacher.

While playing the piano in the music room the night before work, Masaki meets Sae Izumi, a student who is running away from one issue. Sae is a student in the class in which he is an assistant teacher. The two of them, gradually develop a bond through the disappearance.

Masaki one day begins to realize the special feelings he has for her.

He never wants to admit that it is love, but Sae on the other hand believes otherwise…

My Ex-Boyfriend's Last Will / 元彼の遺言書

Haruka Ayase takes on her first lawyer role in the Monday at 9pm timeslot!
This gripping mystery drama brings a breath of fresh air to the boredom of our daily lives.

Reiko Kenmochi works at a major law firm. Formidable in both fashion and looks, she’s an accomplished lawyer who paces the hallways of the firm in luxury brand suits and high heels. Never intimidated, no matter who she’s up against, her unparalleled knowledge of the law and ability to think on the fly has helped to save countless clients out of trouble.

After her boss is informed that one of her clients is going to sue her for extortion, Reiko is told that her annual bonus will be cut. Enraged by this news, Reiko is encouraged to take a leave of absence from the firm. With an increase in her free time, she messages everyone she knows, but only gets one reply, from her ex-boyfriend, Eiji Morikawa. Shockingly, the message informs her that Eiji Morikawa recently passed away. The sender is someone called “Shinoda” who, despite never having met before, calls her up and says, “long time no see.” Stranger still, it seems Eiji left a huge inheritance, along with a will stating, “I bequeath my fortune to the person who killed me.” More concerned about the fortune than the death of her ex-boyfriend, Reiko starts to plot with Shinoda to have him framed as the murderer in order to split the inheritance between the two of them…

Involvement in Family Affairs / やんごとなき一族

A common woman marries into an extravagantly lavish family filled with evil spirits. Don’t be fooled, though,
this isn’t your average rags-to-riches Cinderella story! Will they be able to find true happiness in the midst of this herculean trial?

Born and raised downtown, Sato, the daughter of a diner owner, accepts a proposal from her boyfriend Kenta. She is immediately surprised to learn about Kenta’s upbringing. It turns out, Kenta is the son of a super wealthy family with a mansion in the most luxurious part of town!

Upon going to visit Kenta’s family for the first time, the gate opens only to close as soon as Kenta has entered. Through the intercom, Kenta’s father, Keiichi tells her “Know your place! Never come here again!”, Sato is miserable and frustrated. On the other side, Kenta also argues with his father, but instead of lashing out at his son, Keiichi instead hits Kenta’s mother. Seeing his own mother being beaten and watching his other family members not only turn a blind eye to the violence, but seem to not care at all, Kenta feels disgusted by his awful family, and makes a solemn promise to himself.

In order to change this rotten family, who seem elegant and charming on the outside but secretly cut each other down for their own twisted agendas, from the inside out, Kenta and Sato begin an all-out war!!

NANBA MG5 / ナンバMG5

The long-awaited live action adaptation of “NANBA MG5” and “NANBA Dead-end” from the master of
delinquent manga, Toshio Ozawa. The heartwarming, tear-jerking tale of an “Ex-Delinquent.”

Second son of an infamous delinquent family, Tsuyoshi is known across all of Chiba as the strongest fighter in junior high school.

On the day of his entrance to high school, Tsuyoshi dons his brawlers’ jacket and heads not to Ichimatsu High, the toughest school for delinquents in all of Kanto, but to the peaceful and pleasant school nearby known as Shirayuri High. Unbeknownst to his family, Tsuyoshi’s dream is actually to quit being a delinquent and to have a normal high school life!

A thrilling double life begins for Tsuyoshi. To avoid upsetting his family, he wears his brawling clothes and acts the delinquent at home, but at school he’s a well-dressed, polite and serious student. An honor student, he ends up joining the art club, but, unable to overlook the bullying of his new friend, he changes into his delinquent persona and rushes to save them. In doing so, he unwittingly becomes famous as the “mysterious, super strong delinquent.” Unable to share his secret with anyone, will Tsuyoshi be able to live out the normal high school he dreams of?

Close Tail -Detective Academy- / クロステイル 〜探偵教室〜

Tailing, bugging, stakeouts…this riveting human drama realistically portrays the work of private detectives, charting the growth of a group of trainee detectives.

“University student Tasuku graduates from university without a career path planned. Returning home, he finds his father Jinpei has abandoned him, leaving behind a letter reading: “Congratulations on your graduation! I’m gradu-ating from being your father!”

Once a best-selling mystery author, Jinpei blew his entire fortune, leaving behind only mountains of debt. With no evidence of foul play, the police refuse to investigate his father’s disappearance, and Tasuku eventually ends up at “Joker Detective Agency” after finding their business card in one of Jinpei’s novels. Unfortunately, the cost of investigating the disappearance is far beyond Tasuku’s means. Troubled, Tasuku’s eye’s fall on a poster looking for new students at a school for detectives. He makes the decision to become a professional detective and search for his father himself.

Compared to the heroic detectives in his father’s book, the reality of the job comes as a sharp shock to Tasuku. On top of this, the classmates he has to work with are an overwhelmingly eclectic mix of people from different ages and backgrounds, leading them into unforeseen trouble on almost every case. At this rate, will Tasuku ever become a full-fledged detective?”

Don’t Call it Mystery / ミステリと言う勿れ

A new kind of mystery series in which continuous talk leads to the unraveling of both the mystery of a case and people’s hearts.

Totonou Kunou is a college student who has a complex about his natural perm, has no friends or a girlfriend, and simply loves curry. He is someone who always questions about what is taken for granted in society and tries to think things through thoroughly. He has a vast amount of knowledge and develops his own theories based on his unique values. As a young guy, he has lived his life being called “annoying and troublesome” because he can’t help talking no matter what is happening around him.

One day, he is accused of a murder he isn’t aware of. As he is interrogated by the detectives, he realizes that there are hidden clues behind the case and the problems that the detectives are facing. Then, without any desire to “solve the case,” he just talks about whatever comes to mind at his own pace, and before you know it, he has unraveled not only the mystery of the case, but also people’s hearts…

GOSSIP - #What she wants to know / ゴシップ #彼女が知りたい本当の○○

Through portraying the work, life, and love of the editorial staf members of a news website for a major publishing company, this workplace entertainment depicts social relationships in the world today.

Ririko Seko is transferred from the accounting department to save an online news website from closure. This website run by a major publishing company, is led by a “laissez-faire” chief editor, with most of the employees comprising of an all-male editorial team, which only publishes articles based on circulated information that are simply copied and pasted from other companies’ news, blog articles and comments.

One day, for some particular reason, Ririko joins as a new member of this team…

Hey Handsome!! / おいハンサム!!

Hilarious family comedy, starring a typical stubborn Japanese father as he struggles to ensure his three daughters happiness.

There are five members of the Ito family. Living in Tokyo, Gentaro Ito lives with his wife and has three daughters. The three daughters all have distinct personalities, but share one thing in common, they have terrible taste in men! The eldest is single, and has a successful career, but is constantly involved in extra-marital affairs. The middle daughter married a highly educated man but is on the verge of divorce. The youngest is living with her talentless boyfriend who aspires to become a manga artist.

Intensely worried about his daughter’s future, one night a particularly drunk Gentaro brings a man he thinks would be a good match, home with him. Introducing him to his daughters as a good option for marriage, he tells them: “His looks might not be great, but he’s a good guy! A man with taste!” However, it turns out the man is actually his eldest daughter’s ex-boyfriend.

Associate Professor Akira Takatsuki’s Inference Season 2 / 准教授・高槻彰良の推察 Season 2

The mystery solving duo, an associate professor with a perfect memory and a “lie detector” student, are challenged once more when a series of strange disappearances start occurring all across Japan.

“Associate professor Akira Takatsuki possesses a “perfect memory” and can remember anything he sees. It’s been a year since he began chasing down unsolved mysteries with Naoya Fukamachi, a student who can feel when people are lying.

One day, freelance photographer Hajime Terauchi visits Akira’s research lab. He requests that Akira look into “Mana the Miracle Girl” of whom his mother is an avid believer. Hajime’s words cause Akira some unease, and he begins to investigate with the help of one of the graduate students in his lab,
Ruiko Ubukata.

As the investigation progresses, Akira’s own hidden past begins to come to light. What is Hajime’s real goal, and why does he unsettle Akira so much?”

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