Who cares?

Japanese Title おっさんのパンツがなんだっていいじゃないか!
No. of Ep 11
Duration 55
Production Year 2024
Genre Based on Comic/FAMILY/Human
Type series
Cast Taizo Harada
Yasuko Tomita
Kairi Jo
Copyright ©Zim Nerima/LINE Digital Frontier
©TOKAI-TV, The icon


A human comedy where a strait-laced father update himself!

The protagonist of this drama is a middle-aged man, Makoto Okita (Taizo Harada), who is set in his old-fashioned and prejudicial views. His children resent how inflexible he is, while his coworkers avoid him due to how tactless he can be. Even his wife Mika (Yasuko Tomita) seems to have given up on him lately…
And yet, in his own way, Makoto has always followed the path he believes in—the one which he thinks is “the only right answer.”
One day, a chance for change arrives. When Makoto’s high-school aged son, Kakeru (Kairi Jo), who became a shut-in three months ago, brings a friend over to the house and Makoto finds out this friend is gay, he reflexively rejects him. What Kakeru says in response shocks his father:
“I never want to be like you!”
Makoto has endured the packed train to go to work every day for his family, and yet…now that his son has outright rejected him, he gets depressed. He never chose to be the way he is.
But then, his son’s friend, Taichi (Souta Nakajima), makes him with an offer:
“Why don’t we be friends?”
When this prejudiced old guy who’s just over fifty makes a gay friend who is much younger than him, everything he thought was “common sense” is about to get an update! This is the start of Makoto’s struggle for the sake of his family, and for all the people he loves!