Re: Revenge-In the End of Desire-

Japanese Title Re: リベンジ 欲望の果てに
No. of Ep 11
Duration 54
Production Year 2024
Genre Human Drama/Medical/Revenge
Type series
Cast Eiji Akaso
Ryo Nishikido
Kyoko Yoshine
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A power struggle at a major hospital causes a variety of incidents, and with the cast’s ambition and desire for revenge thrown into the mix, the hidden desires of humanity are laid bare in this revenge suspense series.
Kaito Tendo, the son of the chairman of one of Japan’s largest hospitals, Tendo Memorial Hospital, chose not to pursue a career in medicine due to differences with his father, and instead works as a reporter for a weekly publication. He spends his days swamped with work, but his romantic life has been going smoothly, and he has been getting ready to propose to his beloved. However, just before the time comes for his proposal, Kaito hears that his father has been caught up in an incident, and so he heads to Tendo Memorial Hospital, a place which he had drifted away from. Having learned his father’s true intentions as a result of the incident, Kaito recalls an important promise he made with his father in the past. However, many problems lay hidden at Tendo Memorial Hospital, which his father left to him. A power struggle is about to break out over who will be chairperson. In order to reclaim what his father built from the mass of “desire” that has devoured Tendo Memorial Hospital, and to protect the one that he loves, Kaito resolves to fight against the power struggles at this giant hospital, but…