Marriage Hunter

Japanese Title 婚活1000本ノック
No. of Ep 10
Duration 54
Production Year 2024
Genre Based on Novel/COMEDY/Human Drama/Love Story
Type series
Cast Maki Fukuda
Yusei Yagi
Copyright ©Ayako Minami, Shinchosha / Fuji Television Network, Inc.


I want to get married! Then my ex-boyfriend came back as a ghost! A bizarre story where the two of them are about to embark on a wild adventure of marriage hunting!
Ayako Minami, 32 years old, is a single novelist who has not had a boyfriend for several years. One day after returning from her hometown in Nagoya, the intercom rings and it’s Yamada, the asshole who ran away from her.
Yamada, who insist he is a ghost, had been stabbed in the chest by a woman he had played with, and had really died. He said that if he does not fulfill the promise he made to someone before he died and has not been fulfilled, he will not be able to enter into nirvana. This promise came about when Yamada and I had our first date and I said to him, “When I get a boyfriend, I want to go to a hot spring together” and where he replied he will be her boyfriend. He told me that he would support my desire to go on a hot spring vacation with my boyfriend within a year with a marriage activity advisor, but she refused the offer flatly, thinking that such a ridiculous idea was unthinkable.
However, at the end of February, when Ayako went out for dinner with her colleagues, Yuko, the accountant, told me, “It is considerably more embarrassing than you think to be a woman who is over 30 years old and has no man in her life. You are not recognized for your worth as a woman, and you will never meet a good man.” She was so frustrated and sad, but by the time she arrived home, her tears had dried up and a decision had been made in my heart. When she entered my room, she told Yamada, who was there as a matter of course, “I’ll do it, marriage hunting.” Thus began a year of marriage activity between me and a ghostly asshole…!