366 Days

Japanese Title 366日
No. of Ep 11
Duration 54
Production Year 2024
Genre Human Drama/Love Story
Type series
Cast Alice Hirose
Gordon Maeda
Copyright ©2024 Fuji Television Network, Inc.


An original love story inspired by HY’s hit song “366 Days” is born!
After reuniting with the one she loved, and going out with him after twelve years, all seems well until an unforeseen tragedy strikes…
Asuka Yukihira is a twenty-eight-year-old receptionist at a music school. Her old high school is about to close its doors, and she decides to go there for a class reunion. As she visits the familiar halls, excitedly conversing with old classmates, she is reunited with her high school crush, Haruto Mizuno. She had resolved to reveal her feelings to Haruto on graduation day, but mutual misunderstandings kept her from doing so, and they parted with the words left unsaid… Ever since then, Asuka has thought of it as “the love that I can never forget.” In the excitement of the class reunion, the pair exchange contact information. As they talk, they discover that the feelings they had for one another back in high school were mutual. Having realized their past misunderstandings, they confess their true feelings and begin dating, twelve years after the first time they met back in their second year of high school. With the blessings of their classmates, Asuka is as happy as she’s ever been, until one day when Haruto meets with an unforeseen tragedy. He is left unconscious and in critical condition. Asuka believed her happiness with Haruto would go on forever, but now what will become of the romance they had rekindled after twelve years…? As she stays by the unconscious Haruto’s side, Asuka recalls forgotten memories of the times she spent with Haruto and her classmates all those years ago…