Blue Moment

Japanese Title ブルーモーメント
No. of Ep 10
Duration 54
Production Year 2024
Genre Human Drama/Medical/Science
Type series
Cast Tomohisa Yamashita
Natsuki Deguchi
Koshi Mizukami
Copyright ©Kana Ozawa/BLUE MOMENT
©2024 Fuji Television Network, Inc.


A genius meteorologist saves people from natural disasters!
Kiyohara is a researcher with the Japan Meteorological Agency Meteorological Research Institute. With his trademark good looks and refreshing smile, he even makes appearances on the weather program. However, there is another side to Kiyohara, one that you wouldn’t imagine from his outward appearance… He is fighting hard as a member of SDM (Special Disaster Management) to save people from natural disasters caused by the weather. With the abundance of such disasters in recent years, SDM was established as a team under the direct authority of the Cabinet Office with the goal of preventing the expansion of human losses that can result from a slow response. Their leader, Kiyohara, is a genius at meteorology. He is able to use his natural intelligence and his sense of the raw weather on the ground to analyze vast quantities of weather data from a multitude of angles. Even in tense situations where lives are at stake, he is able to stay one step ahead of things. However, his sharp tongue can sometimes earn him the enmity of those around him… Even so, Kiyohara’s passion for saving lives and his diligence eventually win over his teammates, and he builds the ultimate SDM team with those who sympathize with him. But there is also a mystery Kiyohara has been pursuing all this time… He was driven to save people using meteorology because of the death of the one he loved most. Therein lies the story’s greatest mystery, and it will be unveiled over the course of the series!