My Beloved Flower

Japanese Title いちばんすきな花
No. of Ep 11
Duration 54
Production Year 2023
Genre Human Drama/Love Story
Type series
Cast Mikako Tabe
Kohei Matsushita
Mio Imada
Fuju Kamio
Copyright ©2023 Fuji Television Network, Inc.


The ”silent” team, which created a social phenomenon last year, is back!
Can friendship be established between a man and a woman?
What is the difference between ”friendship” and ”love” and what is the same?

A woman and a man who have lost someone precious to them through their relationships with their male and female friends. And a woman and a man who have feelings for each other as the opposite sex.
The four gorgeous actors carefully and amusingly depict ”love” and ”friendship” and the indescribable ”feelings”, which are spun out by the four characters and the people around them. Watch the complex triangular relationship and a quadrilateral relationship on this romantic love comedy that will make you laugh out loud and cry a little!