Japanese Title イップス
No. of Ep 11
Duration 54
Production Year 2024
Type series
Cast Ryoko Shinohara
Copyright ©2024 Fuji Television Network, Inc.


The undynamic duo of mystery author who can no longer write and an elite police detective who can no longer solve crack the case with witty dialogue and banter in this mystery comedy!
The protagonists of this series are mystery writer Miko Kuroba and police detective Tohru Morino of the First Investigation Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Miko has written best seller after best seller ever since her debut, finding her place among popular authors, but she currently finds herself with writer’s block. Now she spends as much time working on her side job as a commentator on variety programs as she does writing. As for Morino, his arrest rate has fallen off ever since a certain event, and he can no longer solve crimes. They both have a case of the yips, where things that they could do effortlessly before have suddenly become impossible for them because of pressure. The two of them meet by chance at a sauna facility which they visit to get away from work. Once they encounter a murder, the two buddy up in no time. Miko is fascinated by the case, thinking about how it will give her material for her next novel, and how she’s never seen a dead body before. In contrast, Morino is less enthusiastic, but he displays sharp powers of observation as a police detective, and together the two get closer to the truth. Their investigation gives them a lead on the culprit, but as they try to close in on their suspect, Morino’s yips strike… They’re a mystery author who can’t write, and an elite police detective who can’t solve. This undynamic duo with the yips help each other as they struggle to get a fresh start in this painfully funny mystery comedy!