Hospital Police Force

Japanese Title 院内警察
No. of Ep 11
Duration 54
Production Year 2024
Genre Based on Comic/Crime/DETECTIVE/Human Drama/Medical
Type series
Cast Kenta Kiritani
Koji Seto
Neru Nagahama
Masachika Ichimura
Copyright ©Tsutomu Sakai・Ichi Hayashi(AKITASHOTEN)2022
©2024 Kyodo Television, Ltd.


Former skilled detective vs. genius surgeon! A unique new hybrid drama!
The story takes place at Asukure General Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Japan. Asukure General Hospital has an “in-house police box,” which is still not common in Japan, to protect the security of the hospital. The man who works there, Osamu Murai, is the only young in-house detective who is not a retired police officer. He is the only one who is not a retired police officer, and he is working as a young in-house detective. Kyoko Kawamoto, who was hired as a clerical staff of the in-house police, is annoyed by this unpopular man who causes various troubles at the hospital with his blunt and careless manner. One day, Shunsuke Sakakibara, a young surgical genius, returns from overseas. And for some reason, he is obsessively clinging to Sakakibara. It seems that he has a special connection with Sakakibara…? A detective and a doctor. When their incompatible beliefs intersect, a story of life at the scene of the crime begins to unfold, exposing the “darkness” and ”sickness” that lurks in people…