RICH MAN, POOR WOMAN / リッチマン、プアウーマン

When a bachelor billionaire CEO of an IT company meets a young college student desperate for a job, the result is a billion-dollar gap romantic comedy.
At 29, Toru has already achieved fame and fortune as the star CEO of an IT company. Despite his many character flows, he has always enjoyed success with his business. Chihiro on the other hand, is a hardworking but clumsy student that just can’t seem to land a job. But one day, Chihiro catches Toru’s attention as she shares the same name as his mother, who abandoned the billionaire when he was just a boy. A seemingly innocent coincidence turns out to be not so innocent in this modern day Cinderella story.

THE 101ST PROPOSAL / 101回目のプロポーズ

On her wedding day three years previous, Kaoru’s fianc? died. Although still in mourning, she meets a man for an arranged marriage. Her potential husband, Tatsuro, is a nerdy man who had been turned down in 99 marriage proposals. After his relentless offers of marriage, Kaoru finally gives in and agrees to marry Tatsuro. Then, a man who looks exactly like her deceased former fianc? appears before her.
After being turned down by Kaoru, Tatsuro’s proposal-rejection count finally reaches 100. Yet, Tatsuro cannot help his ardent love for her, and he decides to propose to Kaoru yet again?marking his 101st proposal.
The superb combination of comedy and heartfelt drama unfolds…


After losing their parents in a traffic accident seven years ago, six brothers and sisters were forced to live apart. The oldest brother, Tatsuya, retiring from his career as a marathon runner for a corporate track team, decides to visit his siblings one day. He had assumed that they were all living their lives happily, but soon finds out that they are all struggling with their own set of problems.
Tatsuya opens a dry-cleaning shop and convinces his brothers and sisters to move in with him. Although resentful at first, they slowly begin to accept him and open up. One by one, these siblings, facing a number of their own issues, move into his house.
This drama is about siblings dealing with difficulties and conflict, and doing the best they can in life.

Second to last love / 最後から2番目の恋

Falling in love in your 40’s turns out to be a both simple but vastly complex affair….
Chiaki is a 45 years old woman with a strong career and still very much single. Conversations with friends center around their health and old age. Wahei, on the other hand is a 50-year-old widower and the eldest of four siblings for whom he’s always served as a de facto parent. While he only thinks of his family, Chiaki is devoted to her work. When they meet, their differences serves only to antagonize each other, yet….

Hirugao~Love Affairs in the Afternoon~ / 昼顔~平日午後3時の恋人たち~

Seemingly perfect housewives have another face, a Hirugao, after she sees her husband off to work….
Picture a housewife who sees her husband off to work, does all the house chores without a complaint, and then spends the rest of the afternoon with another man. Average housewife Sawa finds herself backing up her friend Rikako’s alibi to cover up her affair. Disgusted at first, Sawa ends up meeting a mysterious high school teacher and crosses a line that she would never have imagined crossing herself. A compelling drama that frankly explores the hidden desires of ‘ordinary’ modern housewives

Desperate Motherhood / 名前をなくした女神

This is a chillingly-real depiction offriendship, jealousy, vanity, lies, and betrayal among mothers struggling with childrearing.

Yuko enjoys a modest but happy life with her husband and son. When the family moves into a new apartment, the son begins attending a nearby kindergarten, where Yuko meets four mothers of children in the same grade. Yuko had assumed that the long years of competing with other women in school, job-hunting, and marriage would finally end after giving birth however, what awaited Yuko was the reality that entrance exams are not for the child, but actually for the parents; women nowadays have to learn to mingle within “mothers’ clubs” and entrance exams for well-known elementary schools.

This drama is directed by and dedicated to all women who seek happiness in their lives.

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