Japanese Title ビギナー
No. of Ep 11
Duration 54
Production Year 2003
Type remake


The success rate for the bar exam in Japan is an extremely competetive 2.69%, in other words only one out of 40 people make it.
Kaede (Mimura) is an ordinary 23-year-old office girl working for a Japanese company. One day, she decides to become a lawyer and miraculously makes it through the bar exam on her first try. On the first day of training, Kaede becomes acquainted with seven other trainees that have also just passed the exam. They all have very distinct personalities.
Kaede’s group includes a 26-year-old drop out from society who barely attended school, a 34-year-old housewife who is busy raising a child, a 54-year-old former businessman who was on the verge of being laidoff, a 42-year-old former politician that has fallen from grace, and a security guard that had been trying for 18 years before finally passing the exam.
The story follows the lives of these eight trainees who have different ambitions, backgrounds and dreams. They become comrades and work together to hopefully find their way into the world of law.
Mimura was chosen from ten thousand contestants at an auditon for the leading role.
She had no previous experiences in acting and this is her first role ever as an actress.