New Anime "Call of the Night"

Watch our latest anime series “Call of the Night” airing every Thursday now on Fuji TV!

Kou Yamori (14) is currently skipping school, as well as suffering sleepless nights. One night, Ko slips out secretly for a nighttime walk.
The night air is refreshing, and the world a lot freer than during the day. Kou feels at home in the night.
Suddenly, a mysterious, beautiful girl appears before Kou, her name is Nazuna Nanakusa and she’s a vampire. Nazuna teaches Kou all about the joys of the world after dark.
“Live in the night, until the day gets better.”
Entranced by the night, and by Nazuna, Kou takes a direct approach.
“Please turn me into a vampire.”
Then Nazuna reveals what is required to become a vampire…
“You must fall in love with a vampire.”
Will Kou and Nazuna be able to fall in love, to fulfil Kou’s wish to become a vampire?
A special “night life” just for two, is about to begin…