Radiation House The Movie

Japanese Title 劇場版ラジエーションハウス
No. of Ep 1
Duration 115
Production Year 2022
Genre DRAMA/Feature
Type Movie
Cast KUBOTA Masataka
HONDA Tsubasa
Copyright ©2022 Tomohiro Yokomaku・Taishi Mori/SHUEISHA, Radiation House Film Partners


Amakasu General Hospital’s Radiographer, Iori Igarashi, is having a tough time.
His darling, An Amakasu, has decided to go and study at a Washington Medical University to improve her Radiology skills.

“Only 72 hours left.”
His fellow workers in the Radiation House, do their best to keep Iori’s spirits up as he counts down the days until their farewell. Only Hirono Hirose, who has been keeping her own feeling for Iori quiet, struggles to decide where she is headed.

At the same time, they receive word that An’s father, Soichi, is in critical condition.
Soichi had been living on a remote island that previously had no doctors and was treating the islanders from his small clinic. Soon after, An arrives at her father’s side, he passes away, leaving her with his final wish that she “becomes a doctor who sees the patients, and not the illness.”

An decides to remain on the island for another day to take care of a patient her father had been treating before he had died, only for the island to be struck by a typhoon and a landslide, and a mysterious illness begins to spread through the population.

After hearing of An’s predicament, in order to protect his colleagues, and save the suffering islanders, Iori makes a shocking decision.

What does the future hold for everyone? Their “farewell” is fast approaching.
The team head towards their final sunset.