Don't Call it Mystery

Japanese Title 映画 ミステリと言う勿れ
No. of Ep 1
Duration 120
Production Year 2023
Type Movie
Cast Masaki Suda
Kohei Matsushita
Keita Machida
Riku Ogihara
Copyright ©Yumi Tamura / Shogakukan
©Fuji Television Network, Inc.


One day, a talkative college student with a natural perm, Totonou Kunou (Masaki Suda) visits Hiroshima for an art exhibition, and there meets a teenage girl, Shioji Kariatsumari (Nanoka Hara), who says she is a friend of Garo Inudo (Eita Nagayama). “Would you work for me? Lives and money are at stake. I’m serious.” She offers Totonou a part-time job, which turns out to be related to the succession of an enormous inheritance. There gather four heir candidates, who are grandchildren of the family head, Shioji, Rikinosuke (Keita Machida), Neo (Riku Hagiwara) and Yura (Ko Shibasaki), and a grandson of the family lawyer, Asaharu (Kouhei Matsushita). To receive the inheritance, they try to solve a mystery written in a will saying, “In each storehouse, what it is supposed to be should be where it is supposed to be. Neither too much nor too little. / Put the right amount what should be where it should be in each storehouse.” However, the inheritances of the Kariatsumari family have shady backgrounds: Someone ends up dead in every inheritance. Shioji’s father was also killed with other beneficiaries in a traffic accident 8 years ago.
The “truth” hidden in the inheritance is gradually unveiled.
There exist the dark sides and secrets of the family that have been passed down for generations.