Dr. Coto's Clinic 2022

Japanese Title Dr.コトー診療所 2022
No. of Ep 1
Duration 134
Production Year 2022
Genre Based on Comic/Human Drama
Type Film
Cast Hidetaka Yoshioka
Ko Shibasaki
Saburo Tokito
Nene Ohtsuka
Copyright © Takatoshi Yamada
©2022 FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK/TOHO/FNS All rights reserved.


Shikina Island is a beautiful island located on the western edge of Japan. Kensuke Goto (Dr. Coto) came from Tokyo 19 years ago to this isolated island, 6 hours by ferry from the mainland. Since then, he has been the only doctor on the island and has borne the responsibility for the lives of all its residents.. Over the years, the islanders have come to trust Coto, and Coto has come to trust them. He has become an irreplaceable presence and family member to all.. A few years ago, he married Ayaka Hoshino, a nurse who has supported Coto for many years, and Ayaka is now seven months pregnant.  Together with Ayaka’s parents, Shoichi and Masayo,  fisherman Gori Hara, former head fisherman Shigeo and his friends, Mariko, who runs a bar, and Wada, who helps out at the clinic, they live a peaceful life on the island.


Now in2022, Shikina Island, like many other rural areas in Japan, is experiencing depopulation and aging. Despite this,somewhere in the back of their minds the islanders are thinking, “Well, Coto is here, so everything will be all right”. Coto is now 52 years old. The blue sea, the horizon, the sounds of the waves and the stars in the night sky remain the same, but the island itself is changing little by little. No one has yet noticed a change creeping into Coto’s peaceful daily life…