Fuji TV's New Hilarious Game Format

Japanese Title 新しいカギ
No. of Ep 1
Duration 60
Production Year 2021
Genre Game Show
Type Game Show
Copyright © Fuji Television Network, Inc.


CANCEL OUT! -Freeze ‘n Ease-
The toy train with a needle at the front leaves to pop the balloon filled with boiling water. To succeed, you must change into the frozen clothes before the toy train pops the balloon.

CANCEL OUT! -Aroma Trauma-
You are trapped in a small room with many balloons that contains floral scented air, but at the same time, the balloon that is planted in your cloths becomes filled with intense odor.
Pop the good smelling balloons in the room before your stinky one explodes! That should neutralize the smell and make it odorless!

Jumbo Whack-a-Mole
Poke your face out from a big whack-a-mole board. To get a point, you must pull your head inside without getting whacked!

Human Curling
A game of curling in which you compete by the most points earned, by aiming the stones into the circle. But here’s the catch… you need to ride on the curling stones as they slide!

Jumbo Jenga
Same rules as the tabletop Jenga applies, just whole lot bigger! Contestant from both teams are placed on top of the tower, and they must keep their balance while their teammate
boxing punch the blocks out and placing them on top. We also have an alternate version where the punch is replaced with fencing thrust!

Twister Train
Players hold on to the designated color of the suspension straps with their left and right arms and legs, and aim to reach the last stop, Gora Station. Endure the natural phenomena
such as fog, strong winds, and switchbacks that occur while on the Hakone Tozan Railway.

VS School -The Ultimate HIDE and SEEKA
large scale Hide and Seek against a whole highschool! Celebrities hide in real like props (e.g. piano, tree stumps, etc) and the students must find all the hiders in time, to win the