Magical Countryside Tours in JAPAN

Japanese Title わがまま!気まま!旅気分
No. of Ep 27
Duration 55
Production Year 2017-now
Genre Entertainment/Food/Information/Travel


There’s more to Japan than Tokyo or Kyoto! Introducing Japan’s unique countriyside spots where the locals only know.

From up north in Hokkaido to down south in Okinawa, the Fuji TV affiliate stations across Japan have come together to bring you this travel program!
The local staff at each station will use their connections to their fullest to bring you all the most popular spots and little-known gems.
Food, hot springs, activities, history, even top-secret spots that only the locals know, this show has all kinds of information you won’t find in the guidebooks!
Of course, you can use it as a way to plan your next trip, but you can also find your own favorite spots, or just relax and enjoy the amazing scenery of nature…
There’re lots of different ways to enjoy this entertaining travel program!