Love Dissonance

Japanese Title 純愛ディソナンス
No. of Ep 11
Duration 54
Production Year 2022
Genre Human Drama/Love Story
Type series
Cast Yuto Nakajima
Ai Yoshikawa
Manami Higa
Yuto Takahashi
Copyright ©2022 Kyodo Television, Ltd.


The story takes place in a certain high school. Masaki Nitta arrives as a new music teacher, but the school is greatly disturbed by the disappearance of the previous teacher.

While playing the piano in the music room the night before work, Masaki meets Sae Izumi, a student who is running away from one issue. Sae is a student in the class in which he is an assistant teacher. The two of them, gradually develop a bond through the disappearance.

Masaki one day begins to realize the special feelings he has for her.

He never wants to admit that it is love, but Sae on the other hand believes otherwise…