Involvement in Family Affairs

Japanese Title やんごとなき一族
No. of Ep 11
Duration 60
Production Year 2022
Type Series
Cast Tao Tsuchiya
Kouhei Matsushita
Copyright ©Yukari Koyama/KODANSHA.  ©Fuji Television Network, Inc.


A common woman marries into an extravagantly lavish family filled with evil spirits. Don’t be fooled, though,
this isn’t your average rags-to-riches Cinderella story! Will they be able to find true happiness in the midst of this herculean trial?

Born and raised downtown, Sato, the daughter of a diner owner, accepts a proposal from her boyfriend Kenta. She is immediately surprised to learn about Kenta’s upbringing. It turns out, Kenta is the son of a super wealthy family with a mansion in the most luxurious part of town!

Upon going to visit Kenta’s family for the first time, the gate opens only to close as soon as Kenta has entered. Through the intercom, Kenta’s father, Keiichi tells her “Know your place! Never come here again!”, Sato is miserable and frustrated. On the other side, Kenta also argues with his father, but instead of lashing out at his son, Keiichi instead hits Kenta’s mother. Seeing his own mother being beaten and watching his other family members not only turn a blind eye to the violence, but seem to not care at all, Kenta feels disgusted by his awful family, and makes a solemn promise to himself.

In order to change this rotten family, who seem elegant and charming on the outside but secretly cut each other down for their own twisted agendas, from the inside out, Kenta and Sato begin an all-out war!!