Close Tail -Detective Academy-

Japanese Title クロステイル 〜探偵教室〜
No. of Ep 8
Duration 55
Production Year 2022
Type Series
Cast Ouji Suzuka
Mayu Hotta
Rei Dan
Copyright ©2022 TOKAI-TV, TELEPACK


Tailing, bugging, stakeouts…this riveting human drama realistically portrays the work of private detectives, charting the growth of a group of trainee detectives.

“University student Tasuku graduates from university without a career path planned. Returning home, he finds his father Jinpei has abandoned him, leaving behind a letter reading: “Congratulations on your graduation! I’m gradu-ating from being your father!”

Once a best-selling mystery author, Jinpei blew his entire fortune, leaving behind only mountains of debt. With no evidence of foul play, the police refuse to investigate his father’s disappearance, and Tasuku eventually ends up at “Joker Detective Agency” after finding their business card in one of Jinpei’s novels. Unfortunately, the cost of investigating the disappearance is far beyond Tasuku’s means. Troubled, Tasuku’s eye’s fall on a poster looking for new students at a school for detectives. He makes the decision to become a professional detective and search for his father himself.

Compared to the heroic detectives in his father’s book, the reality of the job comes as a sharp shock to Tasuku. On top of this, the classmates he has to work with are an overwhelmingly eclectic mix of people from different ages and backgrounds, leading them into unforeseen trouble on almost every case. At this rate, will Tasuku ever become a full-fledged detective?”