My Ex-Boyfriend's Last Will

Japanese Title 元彼の遺言状
No. of Ep 11
Duration 60
Production Year 2022
Type Series
Cast Haruka Ayase
Yo Oizumi
Toma Ikuta
Copyright © Fuji Television © Hotate Shinkawa / TAKARAJIMASHA, INC.


Haruka Ayase takes on her first lawyer role in the Monday at 9pm timeslot!
This gripping mystery drama brings a breath of fresh air to the boredom of our daily lives.

Reiko Kenmochi works at a major law firm. Formidable in both fashion and looks, she’s an accomplished lawyer who paces the hallways of the firm in luxury brand suits and high heels. Never intimidated, no matter who she’s up against, her unparalleled knowledge of the law and ability to think on the fly has helped to save countless clients out of trouble.

After her boss is informed that one of her clients is going to sue her for extortion, Reiko is told that her annual bonus will be cut. Enraged by this news, Reiko is encouraged to take a leave of absence from the firm. With an increase in her free time, she messages everyone she knows, but only gets one reply, from her ex-boyfriend, Eiji Morikawa. Shockingly, the message informs her that Eiji Morikawa recently passed away. The sender is someone called “Shinoda” who, despite never having met before, calls her up and says, “long time no see.” Stranger still, it seems Eiji left a huge inheritance, along with a will stating, “I bequeath my fortune to the person who killed me.” More concerned about the fortune than the death of her ex-boyfriend, Reiko starts to plot with Shinoda to have him framed as the murderer in order to split the inheritance between the two of them…