King’s Long Holiday

Japanese Title テイオーの長い休日
No. of Ep 8
Duration 55
Production Year 2023
Type series
Cast Eiichiro Funakoshi
Naho Toda


Can a once-famous actor make a successful comeback?!

Daigoro Atsumori was a great actor, formerly known as “the king of two-hour suspense”. However, as time passes, TV stations no longer make two-hour dramas, and now he hasn’t had a role for more than one year.

One day there comes a woman in front of him. Yukari Yoshida used to work for a major talent agency as a competent manager. She returns to her job as his manager after she was forced out of the industry for some reason seven years ago.

“I will definitely make you comeback!”
While being swayed by bigoted and outdated Atsumori, she gets jobs for him one after another with her enthusiasm.

Will he ever be able to become “king” once again?
This is a human comedy about a man struggling to start over in life.