Grandmother's Melancholy

Japanese Title グランマの憂鬱
No. of Ep 8
Duration 55
Production Year 2023
Genre Based on Comic/COMEDY/Human Drama
Type series
Cast Hisako Manda
Rika Adachi
Yuzuna Kato
Copyright ©Satosumi Takaguchi, Futabasha


A strict but loving Grandma solves a myriad of issues for the people around her!

Miki Doumeki lives in a small rural village surrounded by abundant nature and beautiful scenery. After becoming a widow at an early age, she’s spent many years working as a leader in her village. A handsome, intelligent woman in her 70s, she’s incredibly spry, with perfect posture.

Whenever a problem arises, her neighbors all rush to Miki for advice.

When faced with two bickering villagers:

“Your plum tree is ruining my view!”

“Well, your cherry blossom tree is an eyesore, too!” Miki’s response is simple.

“Then, I’ll cut down both of your trees!” Strangely enough, after being reminded of how joyful it is to watch the seasons change through the blossoming of different trees, both neighbors cease their arguing and calm down.

One spring, Miki’s son moves himself and his family back to the village after living in the city and she comes face to face with her 6 year old granddaughter, Ako. Despite Miki’s severe personality and intimidating presence, the little girl seems intent on befriending her…