Even If You Don’t Do It

Japanese Title あなたがしてくれなくても
No. of Ep 11
Duration 54
Production Year 2023
Genre Based on Comic/Human Drama/LOVE
Type series
Cast Nao
Takanori Iwata
Minami Tanaka
Eita Nagayama
Copyright ©Haru Haruno/FUTABASHA/2023 Fuji Television Network, Inc.


Michi Yoshino works in the sales department of a construction company and leads an ordinary life. She and her husband, Yoichi Yoshino, have been married for five years and still get along well, but there is only one thing lacking: sex.

They sleep in the same bed every night, but he never tries to approach her. With the advice of her junior colleague, she makes an effort to buy flashy underwear and takes care of her skin whilst feeling, “maybe I’m not attractive enough for him?” The results are always disappointing. She spends days and months without feeling her husband’s love. The couple’s relationship gradually becomes strained, as they are left with a vague anxiety…

Meanwhile, Makoto Niina, a boss of Michi at her company is an excellent worker with a good personality, and has many fans at the workplace because of his handsomeness. He is even a good husband who does housework on behalf of his busy wife. Two couples that should have been doing well…

One day, Michi, who had been stood up by her husband for another night out, is drinking a can of beer alone in the night breeze. Makoto happens to pass by and the two end up drinking together. Michi gets drunk and confesses to him about their private life…