Mr. Bride

Japanese Title わたしのお嫁くん
No. of Ep 11
Duration 54
Production Year 2023
Genre Based on Comic/COMEDY/LOVE
Type series
Cast Haru
Mahiro Takasugi


Honoka Hayami is an office worker in the sales department of a major consumer electronics manufacturer. Not only has she achieved the number one sales performance for five consecutive terms, but she’s an awardee for the Employee Award for outstanding achievement. She is an ace worker, and her colleagues call her the “God of Sales,” who catches the hearts and minds of most clients the day she meets them. Also, the ideal wife for everyone, such as when she finds someone who has soiled one’s shirt at a drinking party, she quickly pulls out a handkerchief to solve such a situation at once.

However, even though for such a “perfect” Hayami admired by everyone around, no one knows about her private life which is full of sloppiness living in a messy room. The opposite of what she portrays to be in society…