The Great Haruko Season2

Japanese Title 最高のオバハン 中島ハルコ
No. of Ep 10
Duration 54
Production Year 2022
Genre COMEDY/Human
Type series
Cast Mao Daichi
Marika Matsumoto
Copyright © Mariko Hayashi, Bungeishunju
© 2022 TOKAI-TV, The icon


A powerful and beautiful 60-year-old woman fixes problems and crushes injustice in this thrilling and entertaining show.

Izumi Kikuchi is 38, single, works in a small publisher, and has great anxiety about her ten-year long affair with a married man. One day she meets Haruko Nakajima, the manager of a popular cosmetic clinic. Though now single at 60 with two divorces under her belt, Haruko is known as a top-class cosmetic doctor in the highest echelons of the public and private sectors. And she hates waste. If someone’s got a problem that comes from their needless pride, she’s tearing through it with her sharp wit and merciless quips.

A confectioner troubled by who will take over the shop, a woman having difficulty finding a husband due to her high education, a rich housewife stressed out by her husband…people gather around Haruko one after another, each with a different problem! And whenever someone comes to her with their troubles, Haruko tears them apart with her signature scathing remarks. For some reason, the lives of the people she rips into get much better! Get ready to see this queen rend through the troubles of the world in a storm of catharsis!