Japanese Title silent
No. of Ep 11
Duration 54
Production Year 2022
Genre Human Drama/Love Story/ROMANCE
Type series
Cast Haruna Kawaguchi
Ren Meguro
Ouji Suzuka
Copyright © 2022 Fuji Television Network,inc.


A touching human drama about two individuals overcoming their personal barriers, weaving their own love story, and pulling others into their yarn.

 Minato Togawa has had a crush on Tsumugi Aoba since they were at high school together. The two reunite at their high school reunion and begin dating as adults, eventually deciding to move in together. Whilst waiting at the station on the way to a viewing for a possible apartment, Tsumugi is surprised to see her high school ex-boyfriend Sou Sakura alighting from the train she’s supposed to be taking.

Sou became deaf after being afflicted with juvenile bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, since he can’t hear Tsumugi calling out to him, he is lost in the crowds. Unable to take her mind off Sou, Tsumugi begins to stake out the entrance to the station she saw him at. Dropping her headphones when someone bumps into her, the person who picks it up turns out to be Sou. Delighted to see him, Tsumugi rushes forward, but Sou appears to almost run from her. When she catches up to him and tugs on his arm, he finally turns to face her, and Tsumugi learns of his hearing loss.

Unable to understand sign language, Tsumugi reaches out to stop Sou as he tries to communicate, but Sou simply signs the phrase “shut up” and walks away. Tsumugi makes the decision attend a school for sign language, and to meet Sou again when she can communicate with him properly.

This chance reunion sparks a new relationship between the two. They begin to meet frequently, Sou starts to open up to the idea of working with others, and playing Deaf Soccer, which he previously refused to attempt…