Radiation House Ⅱ

Japanese Title ラジエーションハウスII
No. of Ep 11
Duration 30
Production Year 2021
Genre Human/Medical
Type Series
Cast Masataka Kubota
Tsubasa Honda
Alice Hirose
Kenta Hamano
Copyright ©Tomohiro Yokomaku・Taishi Mori


The sequel to the 2019 drama “Radiation House” .
The oddball, genius radiographer returns after two years!

Iori Igarashi is a medical radiographer, who believes that the “truth” will always be reflected in visual images. After gaining a high level of recognition in the U.S. from prestigiou s radiologist Professor Perez, Iori is hired to work at Amakasu General Hospital by his childhood friend An Amakasu. Wo rking alongside his fellow colleagues in the radiology department, he has saved many patients lives. After some time, Iori receives an incredible invitation from Professor Perez to work on a project developing new software us ing AI, and leaves his colleagues to return to U.S. Meanwhile, An promises Iori that she will “become a radiologist so talented you won’t be able to compare…so you have to come back someday.”
Two years after this promise, with the first stage of his project completed, Iori arrives in Japan in the hopes of returning to Amakasu General Hospital. However, the new hospital director claims that there is no need for radiologists and outsources all imaging to a “Remote diagnostic imaging center.” Not only that, but all of Iori ’ s previous colleagues have transferred to separate hospitals. He learns that An also no longer works at Amakasu General Hospital, but then the two meet by chance…