Japanese Title PICU 小児集中治療室
No. of Ep 11
Duration 54
Production Year 2022
Genre Human Drama/Medical
Type series
Cast Ryo Yoshizawa
Ken Yasuda
Erika Ikuta
Copyright © 2022 Fuji Television Network, inc.


A new medical drama centered around a Kids ICU!

Following the daily struggles of a clumsy and unsophisticated doctor, born and raised in Hokkaido, in this heartwarming medical drama.

Takeshiro Shikota is a 27 year old pediatrician born and raised in Hokkaido. He lives with his mother, Minami, who raised him on her own after his father passed away when he was a child. A caring son and a good cook, he handles housework with ease, but can be incredibly clumsy at inopportune moments. Thanks to his unambitious personality, he became pediatrician with the mindset that any medical department would be fine as long as he was working at a hospital within commuting distance from his family home.

One day Takeshiro is transferred to the newly established PICU at his hospital, where he meets Pediatric Intensive Care doctor Hajime Ueno. Dr. Ueno is a pioneer in pediatric intensive care who has campaigned for the implementation of PICUs across Japan. He has travelled up from Tokyo in order to complete his “final big job” of creating one of the best PICUs in Japan in one of the most inaccessible locations in the country.

However, the newly established PICU is not able to accept emergency patients due to an overwhelming shortage of staff. At this time, a remote hospital in Wakkanai City contacts the unit and a young girl who has been gravely ill for over four hours is brought in for care…

How will the honest, clumsy, cry-baby Dr. Takeshiro handle the harsh reality of working in the PICU, where children’s lives hang in the balance?