Mr. Good-looking

Japanese Title 顔だけ先生
No. of Ep 11
Duration 55
Production Year 2021
Type Series
Cast Fuju Kamio
Shihori Kanjiya
Copyright ©2021 TOKAI-TV, SWITCH


An unpredictable school drama about an unreliable teacher known for his “perfect face, but no substance” who somehow saves struggling students.

Education suffers a sense of stagnation in recent times, and substitute teacher Endo arrives at Kikurei High School, which has many problems of its own.
A man who always put himself first and focuses only on things he loves. He hates wasting his time on things such as “making money” or “socializing”. Though blessed with good looks, he is a useless teacher, often ridiculed by his students and fellow teachers alike, and nicknamed “Mr. Good-looking”, however this doesn’t bother him at all as he continues to enjoy his hobbies.

Kametaka, a biology teacher in charge of Endo’s guidance, is his complete opposite. Serious and responsible, she even devotes her private time to her job. The two are constantly at odds, as Endo’s erratic behavior causes no end of trouble, and Kametaka is continually left to clean up the mess.

Into this turmoil, a female student suddenly shows up to school with a shaved head, a male student brings a baby to school with him, and a parent forces a teacher to teach cosplay classes. One after another, strange incidents start to happen at the school, and strangely enough, it’s the un-teacherly Endo’s words that somehow save the life of struggling students.