Hey Handsome!!

Japanese Title おいハンサム!!
No. of Ep 8
Duration 55
Production Year 2022
Type Series
Cast Kotaro Yoshida
Haruka Kinami
Yui Sakuma
Copyright ©2022 TOKAI-TV, Nihon Eiga
©Risa Ito


Hilarious family comedy, starring a typical stubborn Japanese father as he struggles to ensure his three daughters happiness.

There are five members of the Ito family. Living in Tokyo, Gentaro Ito lives with his wife and has three daughters. The three daughters all have distinct personalities, but share one thing in common, they have terrible taste in men! The eldest is single, and has a successful career, but is constantly involved in extra-marital affairs. The middle daughter married a highly educated man but is on the verge of divorce. The youngest is living with her talentless boyfriend who aspires to become a manga artist.

Intensely worried about his daughter’s future, one night a particularly drunk Gentaro brings a man he thinks would be a good match, home with him. Introducing him to his daughters as a good option for marriage, he tells them: “His looks might not be great, but he’s a good guy! A man with taste!” However, it turns out the man is actually his eldest daughter’s ex-boyfriend.