GOSSIP - #What she wants to know

Japanese Title ゴシップ #彼女が知りたい本当の○○
No. of Ep 11
Duration 60
Production Year 2022
Genre Human/ROMANCE
Type Series
Cast Haru Kuroki
Junpei Mizobata
Shuhei Nomura
Copyright ©2022 Kyodo Television, Ltd.


Through portraying the work, life, and love of the editorial staf members of a news website for a major publishing company, this workplace entertainment depicts social relationships in the world today.

Ririko Seko is transferred from the accounting department to save an online news website from closure. This website run by a major publishing company, is led by a “laissez-faire” chief editor, with most of the employees comprising of an all-male editorial team, which only publishes articles based on circulated information that are simply copied and pasted from other companies’ news, blog articles and comments.

One day, for some particular reason, Ririko joins as a new member of this team…