Galileo -Forbidden Sorcery

Japanese Title ガリレオ 禁断の魔術
No. of Ep 1
Duration 130
Production Year 2022
Genre Based on Novel/Crime/DETECTIVE/MYSTERY/Science
Type Special
Cast Masaharu Fukuyama
Yuko Araki
Kazuki Kitamura
Copyright ©2022 Fuji Television Network, Inc.


Special Drama announcement marks a brand new addition to the beloved Galileo series!

Revealing an untold case that occurs 4 years before the events of the film “Silent Parade”.

Associate professor Manabu Yukawa is visited one day by new medical student Shingo Koshiba. Yukawa is an alumnus of the physics club from the same high school as Shingo and taught him in the past. Yukawa also knows Shingo’s father, an excellent scientist in his own right, and develops high hopes for Shingo’s future in the field. Full of excitement after his meeting with the esteemed Yukawa, Shingo calls his sister Akiho Koshiba to share his news, but for some reason, a police officer answers the phone…

Five months later, freelance writer Osamu Nagaoka is beaten to death in his own home. A memory card containing a video file is found at the scene. Looking deeper into the case, investigators Shunpei Kusanagi and Tomoka Makimura discover that Osamu was strongly opposed to a public project relating to science and technology being planned in Kohara City, Ibaraki Prefecture. After Shunpei watches the video left at the scene, which shows a strange phenomenon in which a hole suddenly appears in the wall of a warehouse, he visits Yukawa alongside Tomoka. After the investigators inform him who the victim was, Yukawa and his assistant Hiromi Kuribayashi’s expressions change. In actuality, Osamu visited Yukawa’s lab a few days before he was murdered, however, Yukawa does not share this information with the investigators. “Take me to the location that this video was filmed.” Yukawa requests, and the investigators lead Yukawa and Hiromi there, concerned by the professor’s strange behavior. When Yukawa attempts to call Shingo after viewing the location, there is no answer…