Call of the Night

Japanese Title よふかしのうた
No. of Ep 13
Duration 30
Production Year 2022
Genre ROMANCE/Supernatural
Type Series
Cast Gen Sato
Sora Amamiya
Yumiri Hanamori
Copyright ©2022Kotoyama, Shogakukan/Call of the Night Committee


Ko Yamori (14) is currently skipping school, as well as suffering sleepless nights. One night, Ko slips out secretly for a nighttime walk.
The night air is refreshing, and the world a lot freer than during the day. Ko feels at home in the night.
Suddenly, a mysterious, beautiful girl appears before Ko, her name is Nazuna Nanakusa and she’s a vampire. Nazuna teaches Ko all about the joys of the world after dark.
“Live in the night, until the day gets better.”
Entranced by the night, and by Nazuna, Ko takes a direct approach.
“Please turn me into a vampire.”
Then Nazuna reveals what is required to become a vampire…
“You must fall in love with a vampire.”
Will Ko and Nazuna be able to fall in love, to fulfil Ko’s wish to become a vampire?
A special “night life” just for two, is about to begin…