Japanese Title カミエラビ
No. of Ep 24
Duration 30
Production Year 2023
Genre Dark Fantasy
Type series
Copyright © KamiErabi Production Committee


Influencers who have various effects on the world use godly powers that have been given to them to grant their wishes, competing in an intense death game to become “God.”
In 2024, Goro Ono, age 15, a student at a famous high school in Tokyo, has grown tired of his affluent but cold home life. The world seems “indifferent” to him. He nurses a bit of a crush on his classmate Honoka Sawa as he goes through the motions of his humdrum day-to-day existence with his best friend Yutaka Akitsu.
One day, Akitsu happens to upload a video where he throws himself off the roof of the school (or pretends to) to social media, and it goes massively viral. That night, Goro gets a message on his smartphone. “You have been chosen. Imbue me with your wish.” As Goro is thinking it’s just malicious spam, the mysterious girl Ral appears before his eyes. According to her, Goro has been chosen by a great will. The power granted to him is The Fool’s Scripture which can twist cause and effect.
There are other god candidates in this world who, like Goro, have been chosen by the great will. They are called Influencers. They are all involved in a ritual where they must kill one another, competing for godhood. The sole survivor will become the One God of this world.
This is all so sudden that Goro tells himself that he must be dreaming—no, that he’s lost his marbles. “I never would’ve guessed you were a cult leader too…!”
In this confused state, who should appear before him but Honoka. Without explaining, she assaults him using her own ability, Carnival, which can control the flesh of the dead.
And so, the begins.