The Stranger by the Shore

Japanese Title 海辺のエトランゼ
No. of Ep 1
Duration 60
Production Year 2020
Genre Boys Love
Type Movie
Copyright ©Kii Kanna/SHODENSHA-Etranger partners


The love story of a young boy without a steady job and an aspiring novelist…Bittersweet, and in the end, heartwarming. Three years ago, they met on the shore of an isolated Okinawan island. Shun Hashimoto, an aspiring gay novelist, notices a young boy, Mio Chibana, lost in thought, and decides to hit on him. This is the beginning of their relationship. The two of them get closer by the day, until Mio has to leave the island. Three years later, Mio comes back, saying “I’ve been thinking about this for three years, and I love you even if you’re a man.” But Shun finds himself reluctant to move forward in their relationship…