Japanese Title NIGHT HEAD 2041
No. of Ep 12
Duration 30
Production Year 2021
Genre SCI-FI/Supernatural
Type Series
Copyright ©JOJI IIDA/NIGHT HEAD 2041 Project


In a world where the supernatural is rejected, two pairs of brothers meet, and their psychic powers begin to awaken.

In the year 2041, the population has drastically declined after the Great War and a natural disaster called the “Godwill”. Now, the survivors are forced to rebuild their lives. In Japan, anything supernatural is considered a dangerous and deceptive concept, and is strictly prohibited. The government organizes special “Security Squads” to bolster enforcement. Takuya and Yuya are members of one such squad, tasked with eliminating dangerous groups of extremists. Meanwhile, in the woods, two brothers have just escaped from a lab. Their names are Naoto and Naoya, and they are real psychics, who aren’t supposed to exist. After being imprisoned and forced to undergo tests for a long time, the two are unsure of what to do in the outside world. The scientists in the lab had told them that psychic powers were legitimate and were to be used for the good of society.

What will happen to this world?