Ghostwriter / ゴーストライター

Japanese Title ゴーストライター
No. of Ep 10
Duration 54
Production Year 2015
Genre DRAMA/Suspense
Type Series
Copyright © 2015 KYODO TELEVISION LTD.


A tormented novelist who is unable to speak of her suffering because she’s celebrated as a genius… An extremely talented woman who makes a living as a ghost writer…
Although she’s still in her 30s, Risa Minami (Miki Nakatani) is lionized as a brilliant novelist. She’s achieved fame and fortune, but has hit a creative blank wall. Then, one day, she meets Yuki Endo (Asami Mizukawa), a woman in her 20s who has come to Tokyo to pursue her dream of becoming a novelist.
One night, preparations are underway for a rookie of the year award ceremony, her hotshot editor, Yuji Kanzaki (Tetsushi Tanaka), explains things to the executives. Over the past seven years, all ten of Risa’s novels have been made into smash hit movies, with some of her titles selling million copies. By all accounts, Risa is on a roll. But the truth is that recently she’s struggling with writer’s block.
And then there is Yuki Endo, who has come to Tokyo with dreams of becoming a novelist. Yuki takes the manuscript in front of her, which she hadn’t submitted anywhere yet, and visits a publishing company. Fledgling editor Hayato Oda (Shohei Miura) doesn’t read Yuki’s manuscript, but he does offer her a job. “Risa Minami is looking for an assistant…” It’s the chance to work for a famous writer she greatly admires. Yuki’s heart skips a beat. She was meant to go back to the country and get married, but her life has just made a major turning point. And Risa’s life as a writer is about to change, too…